The Natural Nourishments of Noniland! A peak into the gardens of David Wolfe & Co

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I believe the Universe is always conspiring for our highest benefit and abundance. It wants us to flourish, be happy, and permeate love into all that we do. 

I feel like this foundational belief of mine, perpetually manifests synchronicity and serendipity into the tiniest corners of my life. Even when, for a moment, I feel like life is getting a touch mundane.. 
*{BAM}*  ..magical events show up and lead me on spectacular adventures, connect me with incredible beings and take me on yet another infinitely inspirational whirlwind. I hope you enjoy living them vicariously through my stories.

 And so as my summer journeys continued on, my travel buddy told me he knew David Wolfe! The world renowned Raw/Living Food and Longevity Guru himself! Not only did he know him, but he used to live on his property on Kauai and we would definitely drop in for a visit! I was feeling so super blessed to grace the love filled lands of Noni. 

What exactly is Noni!? might be wondering…

The Gorgeous Goddess & Noniland Guardian Candice

 Morinda Citrifolia is in the coffee plant family and has long been used by the Polynesians as a medicinal plant. Traditionally used to aid menstrual cramps, bowel irregularities, diabetes, liver diseases, and urinary tract infections Noni is rapidly growing in popularity as a superfood supplement. Especially effective for women, it is being widely used for cleansing, detoxification and to support improved immune system function.

David “Avocado” Wolfe‘s property, aptly named Noniland, is sanctuary to probably the most noni trees I’ve ever seen in one place. And these fruit trees are hard to miss with their pungent aroma wafting on warm, tropical breezes. I was in awe of the biodiversity on such a small scale farm, and thoroughly enjoyed the abundance of freshly picked tropical fruits. The lychee were just about perfect when we arrived, and it take me very long to discover the macadamia nuts! Above all I think my most cherished experiences were the connections with the incredible beings that steward the land.

Learn more about Nick here

Noniland co-founder, Nick Good is an absolute angel, and has been an integral team member from the inception back in 2005. We shared some fabulous laughs over many a                           green juice.

I love rockin’ the Vitamix

Green Juice is a daily ritual at Noniland

 I had the pleasure of having the Guardian Goddess Candice as a photographic subject, and had an absolute blast doing a photo shoot for Noniland’s up and coming new website devoted to the land of Noni and all that they do.

Candice’s husband Ra, a.k.a. Kauai’s go-to bee keeper is a total love! And who couldn’t be completely smitten with the amazing being care taking our insect friends and offering the world some of the most unbelievably delicious honey my tongue has ever had the pleasure of being                                      lathered with. The Cacao Queen, Brittany rocked the food forest there! She zoomed around all day long, lovingly tending to the budding, flowering, and fruiting Cacao trees! 


Here’s a fabulous little virgin cocktail I put together using Noniland’s epic honey…

All in all I can’t wait to visit these amazing new friends again, and frolic under fruit trees on the mystical island of Kauai.

Here’s some of the photos from the shoot. =)

Always in love & eternal gratitude,

Sara Yoshi Wanderhoof

Kota & Spencer are two amazing crew members here at Noniland! Always on the coconut chips! YUM!
How gorgeous is Candice right!?
Candice and her fur-baby Ananda
The goddess and Noni
This shot is one of my personal favourites
Ice cream bananas are almost ripe!

Can’t get enough of their Spirulina covered coconut chips!!


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